The types of posts people actually like to read and share

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In my quest to learn what types of posts people actually like to read, I came across a lot of interesting and useful statistics about shareable content. And in the process, I thought to myself – ‘I might as well put all of this research to good use and consolidate it into a handy post.’

I started off wondering what format of posts people like to read most often. Opinion posts, listicles, why-posts? Personally I like to read lists and posts with a lot of research and data-backed information.

And apparently so do a lot of other people because those types of posts turned out to be, statistically, the most popular shared content.

Let’s take a look.

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What are the most popular types of posts that are shared?

Inc claims that people like lists, data-backed posts, reports, and good arguments backed by facts. People like to learn new things and understand other people’s viewpoints. If you have an opinion or a topic you want to write about, go the extra mile and find some statistics or examples that back your post.

Your readers will appreciate you for it.

Additionally, in OkDork’s study of shared articles over the span of 8 months, they found that 8 of the top 10 most shared articles in the past 8 months were quizzes.

So maybe it’s time to step outside of your blogging comfort zone and create some fun or insightful quizzes for your audience!

Moreover, in the same study conducted by OkDork, it was found that overall, the most shared articles are lists and infographics.

Shares by Content Type

While people do want to learn new things, a lot of people also want to be able to learn those new things quickly and efficiently. Lists and infographics present readers with information they can skim easily while still being able to properly absorb the information.

LIST POST: 20 pieces of advice for people in their twenties

What blog topics do people like to read and share?

According to WordPress Beginner the most popular types of blogs include fashion blogs, food blogs, fitness blogs, and DIY blogs. Why? Because people like to be entertained. They like to find new ways to express themselves and new ways to better themselves.

Susan Velez did some research into the topic using SEMRush in her post, “58 of the most popular blog topics with the highest searches.” In her search she found that the 5 most searched blog topics included fashion, travel, food, lifestyle, and beauty.

  • Fashion blogs turned up 18,100 searches a month
  • Travel blogs turned up 18,100 searches a month
  • Food blogs turned up 14,800 searches a month
  • Lifestyle blogs turned up 9,900 searches a month
  • Beauty blogs turned up 8,100 searches a month
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If these topics don’t completely fall under your niche, perhaps you can find a way to incorporate an aspect of these topics into your niche. For example, if you are a music blog, maybe write a post on the ‘best cities to travel to for live bar music.’ Or – ‘*this musicians* day in the life while writing music for their next album.’

Get creative with it!

So now that you’ve chosen your format, and your topic, how long should your post be?

Well, in the study from OkDork it was found that long-form content was more likely to be shared than short-form content. Specifically, articles consisting of at least 2,000 – 3,000 words seemed to be the sweet-spot of shareable content. If you have more to say and want to make your post longer than 3,000 words, go for it!

Shares by Content Length

So now you know the popular formats, topics, and length – what else should you keep in mind while writing your post?

What sort of tone should your post have? What kind of word choice? What kind of sentence structure?

Well according to OkDork’s study, of the top 10,000 most shared articles the most popular emotions conveyed were awe (25%), laughter (15%), and amusement/entertainment (15%.) Joy was also conveyed in these articles 14% of the time! As mentioned earlier – people like to be entertained! And they like to be happy.

On the other hand, the study showed that, of those 10,000 most shared articles, only 6% conveyed anger, and only 1% conveyed sadness. 

Now what about word choice and sentence structure?

According to a study from Medium on what makes an article popular, “an article that could be read by a 6th -grader or below received 20% more recommends.” The article also recommends using easy-to-read sentences and avoiding run-on sentences.

So make sure your article could be understood by a 6th grader, and keep your post conversational!

Now that you’ve written your shareable post, when should you publish it?

Well according to the study from Medium, the most successful days to publish a post are Tuesday and Saturday. In fact, posting on these days can “optimize recommends by at least 33%.”

And wait! Before you hit publish, double check your post for any mistakes and make sure you include some sort of call to action. Ask your readers to share the post, leave a comment, ask a question – to interact with the post in some way. According to Medium, “those who did include a call to action led to 25% more recommendations.”

View at

And lastly – for the key takeaways I’ve left you with this pretty pink marble graphic!

shareable content pinterest infographic

Now have fun posting!


Do you have any tips, tricks, or insights into shareable content? Let us know!

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