10 of the best unexpected Christmas Gifts I’ve received (that I use all the time)

a box of chocolates with some red ribbon in the image

Listen. We all agree Christmas is exciting. All of the home decorating, Christmas trees, baking cookies, wrapping presents for people is a lot of fun.

However, the stress of finding the right gift for everybody is very real. It’s real, and it’s intense.

Now, I can’t speak for everybody, but if you are trying to buy a gift for someone in a similar demographic as myself, then maybe I can help. What demographic is that, you ask? That of a young adult female in her early twenties. However, by no means does someone need to be a female or in their early twenties to appreciate any of these things. I’m just giving you a little context on who I am.


In this list I include a couple of smaller items that I just happen to use or wear a lot, I include some mid-price-range items, and I’ve included a couple of things that are a little more pricey. Just to give a good range.

**And also I haven’t included sentimental gifts such as pictures, memory books, and DIY stuff. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate those things. Often those are truly the best gifts you can receive. But I feel like that’s for a different list. **

On to the list.

Potential stocking stuffers: 

Let me tell you. How this changed my life. You might be thinking to yourself, ‘I don’t know man 10 feet seems excessive.’

10 foot phone charger from Amazon

And it is. But it is so convenient. This is not something I asked for; my dad gave me this randomly. But I can now plug my phone into the charger on a wall opposite a couch and still sit on the couch with my phone comfortably in my hand.

Also, if you’ve ever struggled with not being able to turn over in your bed when you’re trying to fall asleep because you want to scroll through your phone while it’s plugged in – this solves all of your problems. You never have to deal with the charger falling out of the outlet when you tug just a little too hard. It’s a problem I never even realized could be solved.

  • A simple dainty gold necklace that goes with everything

I received a necklace with a simple gold chain and a little pearl from my mom one year and I’m not kidding when I say that I wear that necklace pretty much every single day.

Because it’s so simple it truly goes with everything and has become a staple in my accessories. It’s such an easy way to dress up your outfit a little bit and it doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank either.


The options are endless for simple and pretty jewelry. I just bought two necklaces from this Etsy shop for my sister and sister-in-law for Christmas! (Although if those prices seem a little high there are definitely other options on Etsy)

Know any wine lovers? Know any wine lovers who struggle with an old and out-of-date wine opener? Before I received a higher rated wine opener I would struggle for over 10-15 minutes trying to get the cork out of the wine bottle. And 9 times out of 10 I would break the cork in half and get it stuck in the neck of the bottle.

wine openerwine opener 2







Well no more! Now I can open my wine bottles in peace and generally in about 15-30 seconds.

Mid-price-range items: 

I have some past experience in piano lessons and guitar lessons. But nothing really stuck. However I like to sing and I definitely wish I was more musically inclined A ukulele is a great way to get into music a little bit more. There are only four strings on a ukulele and they are lighter than a guitar’s strings so they are easier to play chords with. (At least in my opinion.)

A ukulele
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

So if you know a music lover who lacks a ukulele, this is a great gift option!

There are a bunch of different Ukulele options on Amazon but this one comes in fun colors.

Also something I didn’t ask for or expect to get at all. But I now use this all the time to play my music on Spotify while I’m getting ready. I also use it to play my music while I’m in the shower and I no longer have to poke my head out of the shower, dry off my hands, and manually change a song if I’m not feeling it. I can just tell Alexa to do it.

An Amazon echo dot

I also use the echo dot pretty often to play rain sounds as I’m falling asleep. The device comes with a few different options for these kinds of soothing sounds such as the ocean, rainforests, a fireplace, or a thunderstorm.

You can ask it what the weather is like that morning (which is especially helpful when you live in a place as weather-fickle as I do). And you can play Jeopardy with it!

I never would have thought of asking for this. I just used my bathroom mirror and moved on with my day. But I’m not kidding when I say this completely changed my makeup routine (for the better).

Makeup Mirror with light

I can now do my makeup sitting at my desk. This allows me to have more space to spread out my makeup. I don’t just have everything thrown in a little bag. When I’m really tired in the morning or if I want to spend more time on a makeup look I can sit down. I can also place my computer on my desk (which is how I charge my mirror) and watch YouTube videos or Netflix while I’m getting ready.

It makes getting ready much more relaxed.

Now I have always been someone sort of on the ‘real books are better’ side of the kindle argument. And there’s still a lot to say for actual physical copies of books. But I now understand the benefits and the convenience of a Kindle for book lovers.

A kindle on chapter 23 of the Handmaid's Tale
Instagram photo: lionsandtigersandbooks
  1. It’s compact and lightweight so you can take it with you anywhere. It’s great for traveling!
  2. It can hold a ton of books so if you’re not sure how many to bring on your vacation you don’t have to worry about it.
  3. If you finish your books on vacation you can easily just download another one.
  4. It’s environmentally friendly.
  5. You can decorate it in a really cute case.

So there you have it. I am team Kindle now. (Sometimes). I also still like physical books.

More expensive items: 

  • Concert Tickets

One of the sweetest things is when someone knows you really like a certain band or artist and they get you tickets to their concert. And this doesn’t necessarily have to be all that expensive. Unless of course their favorite artist is Beyonce. But if they like a lesser known artist than this could be a pretty affordable and sweet gift.

A colorful music concert
Photo by Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash

And yes I know. This isn’t exactly something you can “use all the time.” You use it once and it’s done. But the memories are forever. (Too cheesy? Sorry.)

Also – if anyone wants to splurge on those Beyonce tickets for me, I would be eternally grateful.

I received a pair of soundproof headphones (Bose specifically) for Christmas right before I studied abroad in college. Using these on the airplane made me feel like I was in my own little world. (Which is awesome for someone who has a lot of flying anxiety). Also, since I studied abroad in London, the headphones were insanely helpful in blocking out street noise at night so I could sleep.

Bose soundproof headphones
*This is a newer and pricier version of the ones I own. But there are many different brands and options to choose from.

Soundproof headphones can be great for relaxation, working out at the gym, for when you are trying to study, or if you live in a really noisy night location. (Although the better ones can be a little pricey).

  • Gym Membership

This is an especially great gift for someone who already has a gym that they go to and  they like and they pay for. Gyms and fitness classes can be expensive sometimes and if you know someone who really enjoys a certain class or gym then paying for some classes or some months of their membership is a seriously thoughtful gift.

two girls completing a box jump at a gym
Photo by Meghan Holmes on Unsplash

Know someone who loves yoga? Get them a class pack at their favorite studio. Know someone who loves to work out at their local gym? Pay for 6 months – a year of their membership.

It’s seriously the best.



What Christmas gift have you received that you now use all the time? 

What’s the best unexpected gift you’ve ever received? 

Let us know below!


– a twenty-something.

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