The real issue with ‘You’ on Netflix

You on Netflix, Joe

By now a ton of people have watched and discussed and obsessed over ‘You’ on Netflix.

(I mean Netflix claims that about 40 million people have watched it since it was put on the streaming platform – but that’s a whole different story.)

If you’re one of the few who hasn’t seen it yet – then go ahead and press pla… actually. Nevermind. You can skip it if you’d rather. All it did for me was make me uncomfortable, annoyed, and at times, straight up mad.

So maybe just save yourself the pain?

But because I did take to the time to watch it, I’d like to now take the time to discuss it.

That is, to discuss some issues and questions I had with it to be exact.

You on Netflix, title card

What are some of the biggest problems I had with You on Netflix?

  1. Beck is unlikeable. She’s a little pretentious (I’ll get back to this), she takes Joe’s word for gospel, and she cheats with Joe when he’s dating Karen.

    I don’t like not having anyone to root for.

  2. Also, why does she have a nice apartment with beautiful windows? In New York City? As a college student who is struggling for money? I know they said it was through her school but it still shouldn’t look like that okay.

  3. And while we’re on the subject, why does she just change her clothes and have sex and masturbate without closing the blinds of her huge beautiful windows?

  4. When Beck goes to the Dickens fair with her dad, Peach calls her and tells her Joe followed her there. Then she finds him and he gives this random story about why he’s there and she’s just like – “oh okay sure that sounds alright. Let’s have some tea with my undead dad.”

  5. How did Joe get Becks unconscious body from his apartment to the basement of the bookstore without a single person seeing him? Again – in New York City?

  6. People are just accepting that the book that frames the therapist is written by Beck without any issue. I mean I know we know that the book was written by her but what proof does anyone else have?

  7. And on the topic of the therapist, he would have no DNA on any of the evidence. He’d also most likely have an alibi for at least Peach’s death. So yeah, maybe take him in for questioning – but they would definitely not have enough to charge him for the crime.

  8. There are old friends of Candace’s who straight up suspect Joe of having something to do with her disappearance after she’s caught cheating on him. Then, Joe tells Beck’s friends that Beck cheated on him with the therapist. Then she dies. And no one suspects Joe at all? They don’t even bring him in for questioning?? Come on.
Peach with a gun from You on Netflix
This is a shot of me after no one brings Joe in for questioning over Beck’s death.

But none of that really matters.

I mean, those are some pretty big issues. But let’s talk about the biggest issue now, shall we? We shall. The biggest problem with ‘You’ on Netflix is portrayed right in the beginning – when Beck and Joe meet in the bookshop. (I told you we’d get back to Beck being pretentious.)

So what is it? Yep, you guessed it – Book Snobbery.

Ugh. Maybe the worst kind of pretentious you can be? I don’t know.

But right in the beginning of the show Beck and Joe stand there and rip some random guy to shreds over the book he’s buying. Then they come up with other hypothetical scenarios in which they declare people are less than them for the books they read.

And yeah yeah this is coming from a girl who reads quite a bit of Stephen King (who was the target of their book snobbery a time or two in the show). So maybe I’m a a little biased.

But I don’t actually think I am.

I get why Joe was portrayed this way – it matches his character. But I really feel like they dropped the ball on Beck’s character when they wrote this book snobby conversation into the episode. Aren’t we supposed to root for her? I know I’m being dramatic but I just can’t do that after this conversation (lol).

If you like reading romance novels, good on you. If you dive into a good sci-fi novel like it’s the holy grail – then hey, I’m glad you’re passionate about something. You only read non-fiction? That’s cool too. The idea that people who read certain books are better than people who don’t choose to read those books is quite frankly, pathetic.


So…. I don’t know. Good riddance Beck. Sorry you got caught up with Joe but also, meh.


Small note:
Okay Okay. So I know I just went on a rant about book snobbery being the real issue in ‘You.’ But I get that there are 10 million more serious problems like stalking, and gross jealousy, and you know, murder. I watched the show.
I just couldn’t get over how immediately unlikeable they made Beck within about 60 seconds of the first episode.


A pinterest graphic

So what are your thoughts on the show? Which characters did you like? 

Or did you hate them all? 

What’s up with book snobbery anyway?

Someone please explain, thanks.

— a twenty something

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