Shoreditch: The Best of London’s Street Art

street art from shoreditch

London is a thriving city with millions of things to do and millions of things to see. It’s hard to be bored in London – on any given day you can hop on the Tube to a different area and immerse yourself in a different vibe, culture, and history.

While exploring London for a few months I came to find that one of the most thriving city areas was Shoreditch, a district in the East End of London with a cool, hipster vibe and brilliant street art around every corner. Visitors can take a street art tour if they want to know more about the history of the art and the area, or they can wander around at their own leisure and see what artwork they happen upon.

One of my favorite spots was on Whitby Street with this image of a girl with colorful bubbles (balls? dip n’ dots?) flying out from her hair. Maybe she’s still there, Maybe she isn’t. Sometimes the street art is painted over and new pieces take their place, so adventures in the Shoreditch area are ever-changing.

shoreditch street art

I would especially recommend taking the trip on a Sunday, when the area is buzzing with a street fair with booths to buy jewelry, clothes, crafts, shoes, and every type of food you can imagine. I’ve tried some vegetable potstickers, chicken lo mein, Belgium chocolate-covered strawberries, mulled wine, and rich dark hot chocolate during some of my Sundays. You can munch on cuisine from every corner of the world while seeking out street art gems like Marilyn Monroe.

marilyn monroe steet art from london

In the area you can also find thrift shops, book stores, street markets, street performers, and a diverse crowd all contributing to the bustle and excitement of the district. Some of the artwork is simply stunning, some is weirdly intriguing, some pieces are powerful, and many were made to make statements.

This one includes what appears to be a group of religious beings holding a bottle of Chanel, with ‘Chanel’ spelled as ‘Chapel.’ Too many people worship materialism. (True enough, right?) There are many statement pieces to start a conversation.


street art piece from shoreditch in london


All in all, because of the captivating buzz of the area, throughout my 4 months in London I made sure to walk around Shoreditch a few times (usually on Sundays) to look at all the street art and drink some mulled wine. I highly recommend the mulled wine to go along with your adventures. So if you ever get the chance to explore London and you have an interest in street art or an appreciation for street fairs, Shoreditch is an excellent place to dive into for the day.

I’d love to go back some day and see what new pieces the area has to offer. While walking around the area in early 2016, these were some of the pieces/walls that caught my eye.


galactic girl street art from londonpink goddess street art - londonshoreditch street artstar wars mural - shoreditch"dope" street art from shoreditchstreet art from shoreditch



Have you been to Shoreditch?

What are some other great places for street art? 

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